7/25/2006 Day 2 past accident


The plan is to decrease your sedation, the neurologists wants to get a good idea of your brain function.  The trauma team needs you to start coughing and breathing on you own so they can take the tube out of your lungs and take you off the ventilators.  The trauma team is going to place a catheter in your Vena Cave to act as a “basket”, since you are at high risk for “throwing” clots from your orthopedic injuries.  This “basket” will catch the clots to keep them from going to your lungs.  You could say you have a “catcher” within a catcher.  HA!  You are scheduled, tentatively, to have your jaw fixed on Thurs 7/27/2006.  There is a possibility you may need a “temporary” tracheal tube placed in your heel to continue assisting you with your breathing if you are not strong enough to do it on your own.  We are waiting to see how you do as we reduce your sedation

            You were responding to commands on both sides – This was very good news!  I called Christine to update her on this good news.  You went for an MRI of your heel to make sure it was clear to take your C-Collar off. 


            It is the end of a good day.  They have discontinued the sedation medication.  You have done bilateral responses to commands by the nurse and physical therapist.  You gave a “thumps up” with you right hand and you squeezed the hand of the therapist with your right.  They placed your IVC catheter to catch your clots.  Your ventilation was decreased to the lowest setting and you are holding your oxygen saturation well through out the day.

            In the evening during visiting hours your friends, went back to see you and you were moving a whole lot more which got them very encouraged and excited about your progress.

            The last time I went back to see you before the end of visiting hours (Aunt Kathy was with me); you were “bucking” your endotracheal tube.  This was a good and bad thing to happen.  It was good because it told us you were aware enough of its presence and you didn’t like it.  But then it was bad because you started to drop your oxygen saturation.  Respiratory therapy checked to make sure you did not have a “mucus plug” obstructing the tube.  Then gave you a breathing treatment to get our lungs cleared out  You are having minimal drainage out of your chest tube, so possibly, you will be able to get rid of it tomorrow. Your progress is very encouraging and hopeful for everyone. You have had many prayers said over you and many friends at your bedside.  You are very much loved!  The next goal for you is to open your eyes when your name is said.  You are coming back to us – just keep coming we are here for you!  We love you so very much!