7/26/2006 Wednesday Day #3 Past Accident


            Dad, Aunt Kathy and I are on our way to the hospital.  Last night was the first night was the first night I went home since you have been in the hospital.  I was comfortable enough that you were stable, not going to have any surgeries, or major procedures done so I went home. 

            Every morning the Trauma team has “walking rounds” and invites the family to be at the bedside while the team discusses your case.  I am praying for another good day.  Today’s report your condition is:


7/26/2006 End of Day Report


Well…today was a rough day. 

·         You had your tracheal tube placed in your neck. 

·         Had a Bronchoscopy to check your lungs they lavaged (cleaned) out your lungs and sent samples of the washings to the lab for culture.  You had an area on the left lower lobe so they started you on three antibiotics

o       Vancomycin

o       Tobraycin

o       Imipenim

·         After the bronch they took you down for a CT of your chest and abdomen to rule out any other source of infection. 

·         They tried to reduce and discontinue the sedation again but you became very agitated and then would not maintain your oxygen saturation it would hover around 88% - 90% and they want you at 92% or above so they started you back on the sedative and increased your ventilation oxygen %.

·         They remover your Nasal gastric tube (tube in your nose that went into your stomach) because they weren’t getting anymore out your stomach.  When you first came in they were getting out old blood from what you swallowed at the scene of the accident to the hospital.  We can check that off as a success.

·         By late afternoon you spiked a fever again 103 degrees.  They placed cooling blankets on you, both under and over you to get your temperature down, since Tylenol suppository and ibuprofen weren’t brining it done.

·         You also had your esophagus probed to make sure you did not have a tear as the team saw air around your chest bone.  That procedure showed you did not have a tear or leak in the esophagus.  We spoke to your orthopedic/trauma physician who indicated he thought we could fuse your ankle and heel bones and ask you when you were alert and oriented if you could feel the bottom of your left foot in about 10 days.  The deciding factor it should like is whether you keep your foot is whether you have feeling on the bottom or not.  Your right foot does not have any broken bones, which is good news because that means you can bear weight on that foot and won’t need to have a wheelchair when you leave the hospital.  You can use crutches. This is very exciting!  I have to say I am weary tonight.  It is so hard watching you struggle to breath or move or come out of sedation.  As a parent if I could take that struggle on for you, if I could take the pain away, and if I could suffer for you I would do it instantly.  I know you will come back to us and I know you will do it on your own time!   I love you!