7/28/2006 Day #5 after Accident


            You still had your fever this morning; the highest it got last night was 102.4.  You had an uneventful night otherwise.  You kept your oxygenation up in the high 90’s -98-99% (Wonderful).

            Today the plan is to slowly wan you from the ventilation.  They are going to ever so slowly decrease your support to see how you do on your own and maintain your oxygenation.  They also are slowly reducing the amount of sedation to see how well you do to see if you get agitated.  We need you to come back to us mentally and you are but it slow.  That is alright – take your time.  We all know you will do it when you are ready!  They are going to change your central line (important line) to a smaller bore.


Caleb in the Trauma Room
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7/28/2006 Day #5 End of Day Report


            I think you had a successful day, even though you had fever 102-103 degrees most of the day.  You were able to tolerate coming down off of the sedative, you weren’t as agitated, and you were moving a lot more and more responsive to the nurses.  Your nurse today, Amy, was so good to you.  She was so sweet, caring, and kind.  She asked you to give her a thumb’s up, you gave her a weak one, she then asked you to give her a big thumb’s up which you did! Success!  I’ve been telling you, you are at Vanderbilt, in the trauma unit, and that you are in a safe place.  You are hearing a lot of “bells and whistles” and strange voices but they are your nurses and doctors taking great care of you.  Your fever did break late in the afternoon after you had your bath,  Deb Rowe and I were at your bedside and while I was looking at you toes talking to you Deb said you opened your eyes twice again success!

            When you dad and I went back to see you for the 8:30pm visiting hrs they had moved you to a private room in the ICU.  They call the room an isolation room and told us that since you have pneumonia they needed the ICU bed you were in is why they moved you.  It kinda freaked your dad and me out because they did not tell us they were moving you and when we turned the corner to see you and you were gone, well….

            Moving you was also a success!  The private room was much quieter and they could lower the light.  You even have a T.V.  Abby said we could turn it on to ESPN Sports Center and you would be really happy! They had to sedate you enough afterward to give you rest. You also spiked your fever again 103.9.  But the biggest success and goal for you and for me was, when Keaton and I were in your room ready to leaver for the night I said “Caleb” and you opened your eyes!  Both Keaton and I saw it.  That was wonderful!  I pray you will have great, healing rest tonight – Tomorrow is a new day full of promise and recovery.