7/30/2006 Day #7 After Accident


            One full week has passed.  You are still quite agitated, you have a panicked look when you arouse.  The team is trying to adjust medication so you are not so panicked.

·         Your arterial line was pulled

·         You are completely off of the ventilation for support.  They put you on a T-collar for oxygen support but will switch you to a Trach collar today.

·         You are completely off the Fentanyl and moved Methadone and Loritab Elixir

·         You got out of bed and in the Neuro chair

·         Adjust your medication especially the insulin


Today is going to be a great day!  Your oral surgeon spoke to dad and me about your surgery tomorrow.  They are going to go ahead and fix your jaw.  You are scheduled for 12 noon.


7/30/2006 Days End Report


            All in all you did very well today.  You were still somewhat agitated, still wanting to pull out your tube in your nose, so you had to wear your mitts all day.  You again sat up at the bedside in a “Neuro” chair for 3 hours or so and were more alert but not quite tracking.  It clearly seemed as though you were trying to seek clarity but would get frustrated or confused.

            You knew when your nose itched or you were irritated with the tube in your nose.  You knew when you wanted to get your mitts off.  You would shake your hands, ask people to “pull”, to get them off, or even would put them in your mouth to try and pull them off with your mouth.  You knew when you had to “crap” and would try to get out of bed to go to the bathroom but couldn’t.  That is when you would get most frustrated and agitated.  These are all successes!  You remained off of the ventilator and you did very well with the “Trach Collar” which provided you with extra oxygen.

            The Fentanyl is completely discontinued and they switched you to Methadone and Lortab.  I pray you get plenty of restful sleep tonight and save your energy as you are going to have surgery to fix your broken jaw tomorrow.  They will be giving you a sleep aid tonight to assist you in restful night.  We love you and are praying every single minute for your full recovery.