7/31/2006 Day #8 After Accident


Today will be a busy day.  You will be getting a “PEG” tube placed in your stomach to assist with your nutrition.  You will also get your jaw fixed today.  Both of these (procedure/surgery) will make you more comfortable and heal.  Your surgery today is suppose to last approximately 3-4 hours.

We also heard today the orthopedic doctors are looking at August 8 for your left ankle to be repaired.  I am not sure exactly what they are going to do, but when I do find out I will let you know.  The nurse told us your had a very restful night.  I am so happy you did have a peaceful night since you are having such a busy day today.  Aunt Kathy found out yesterday she is going to be a grandma.  Megan is pregnant and due to have the baby in May. 

You tolerated your PEG procedure fine.  Christine was able to come back and see you before you went to surgery and she had to leave for Chattanooga .  Christine will be back next week to see you.  She and I will be keeping up with each other by phone on your progress.  She loves you very much and is worried but keeping a very strong front.

You went to surgery approximately 11:45 am.  I would expect you to be out of surgery around 5 pm.

It is 7 pm. And you are done with surgery but you are not back in your room yet.  The Oral Surgeon came to talk to us and said you had the worse fractured jaw he has ever worked on.  He is some what disappointed because he felt as though he did not get you completely aligned with your teeth.  He is going to get a CT of your jaw to check the alignment.  There may be a need to take you back to surgery to get better alignment.  This was disappointing news but not hopeless!

Christine called and was very positive about the news.  She said what I needed to hear.  She also told us she made a 94% on her test she had to go back to last Wednesday.  I was very proud of her – going through the shock and stress of your accident, being tired from emotional ups and downs, then having to drive back to Chattanooga for the test!




7/31/06 Day’s End Report


After arriving to the Trauma unit at 7:30 pm you were still quite sedated.  The Trauma resident and your nurse started a couple of IV’s in your hand and arm so they could remove your central line.  This was done to reduce your risk of infection at the site of your central line.  It also was a step towards getting better as they felt you did not need your central line anymore.

When dad and I went back to see you, you were awake and your eyes had a clarity to them you hadn’t had before.  There was some focus in them.  You were also quite calm, not so agitated as before.  You were attempting to talk but couldn’t because your jaw was wired.  When I told you you had your surgery to fix your jaw, you seemed to comprehend what I was telling you.  Your nurse is going to keep you comfortable tonight.  Sleep well, heal your mind and body.  I love you!