8/2/2006 Wednesday Day #10 After Accident

You went to surgery first thing this morning to finish getting the jaw aligned appropriately.  It is going to take 2 doctors to work on you because you break was so bad.

The surgery is done.  It took approximately 3 hours to complete.  You are good to go.  You are in complete alignment.  The oral surgeon who specializes in jaws, and was brought in to assist with your surgery, said your joint dislocation was fairly substantial.  He said you took a major blow to the left side of your face to have the ball pop completely out of its socket.  He said it will be extremely important for you to be diligent in your exercising that joint.  He expects you to be wired shut for four weeks, and then he wants to put rubber bands on in place of the wires, so you can start exercising your jaw.  You now have two plates holding your chin together.  You will more than likely lose three more teeth in the front lower mouth.  You also broke off some teeth on the right upper jaw.  Our dentist will be very happy in the near future. 

This surgery checks off one more success and road to complete recovery.  Barring any complications you should be experiencing 6 more days of healing and recovery before you are due back into surgery.  The last item of business to correct is your left lower leg. 

I am amazed at how strong you are and how resilient you have been through all of this.  You being here is nothing more than a miracle; aside from your body, soul, and will, prayers are being and have been heard. 


8/2/2006 Day’s End Report

            You came through great, but were nauseous before and after surgery.  The orthopedic tech and female nurse practitioner changed out your plaster splints on both of your lower legs.  I was able to look at your wounds on your lower legs and the bottom of your left foot.  Your left foot and ankle were still swollen but all your wounds looked cleaned and dry.  This is good news.   You did very, by holding each leg still, while they changed out the splints.  You were still medicated from surgery plus they gave you pain medication prior to replacing the splints.

            While the splints were being replaced the nurse practitioner was assisting by holding your legs while the ortho tech wrapped your legs and placed the plaster splints.  The nurse practitioner had her back to you and you started to pick at her backside; it was a cheap thrill for her but you got absolutely nothing out of it as you were sedated.  During the late evening into the night you were struggling with belly pain and having a great deal of trouble getting comfortable.

            I wasn’t happy with your night nurse so we had you moved to another room with another nurse.  Now I am comfortable enough to go home knowing you are in good hands.  I pray once again for a restful night.