8/4/2006 Friday 12 Days Past Accident

            Today is not just a good day it is a great day! 

You have been calm this morning after having some Fentanyl for pain.  You are more alert and communicating with us.  You are using you hands to tell us what you need (i.e. you will pat the bed we then ask if you want the head up or down).  You wave your hand to get our attention.  We will ask you questions of a yes or no nature and you nod your head in response.  You definitely know what you want and are getting more focused. 

While Dad and Deb were at your bedside, Dad was telling you about Aunt Kathy staying in your room, Caanan taking Aunt Kathy’s sandal, and chewing it to bits.  You got a big smile on your face.

While Dad and I were at your side you wanted to ask about someone so we were asking you “is it…” Christine, NO – Dawn, NO – you started to get frustrated so I told you we would narrow it down – I asked if it was a high school friend, NO – college friend, NO – family, NO – Baseball player, NO – work, YES – Stan, YES – we then told you Stan was aware you were in the hospital and had been to see you and that you did not need to worry about work.

As Dad and I were leaving the room, because visitation was over, you held up your hand and pointed to the T.V.  I asked if you wanted me to turn the T.V. on – YES.  I asked if you wanted ESPN on-YES.

They began your tube feedings today and are slowly increasing you throughout the day.  Your NG (nasal/gastric) tube was removed.  Your heart rate is down in to the 80’s (wonderful).  Your respirations are in the 20’s (fantastic) and your oxygen saturation remains in the high 90’s (fabulous).  I couldn’t ask for better “numbers”. 

The plan for the day is to keep you comfortable, have NO unforeseen events, increase your tube feedings, and allow for recovery and healing along with mental awareness/focus. 

So far you are accomplishing your goal for the day! 

You are still in four point restraints, mainly so you won’t pull any more tubes out, and the Posey vest because you still want to try and get out of bed.  I think your nurse is going to want to put you in the Neuro chair today.

Caleb and Marsha

8/4/206 Day’s End Report

            Yesterday was very full for your recovery. You had quite a busy day with many guests and your own activity.  You did very well with clearing your lungs, by taking deep breaths and coughing up the thick secretions “gunk” out.  You reached your goal of tube feedings and tolerated the advancement well.

            You sat in the Neuro chair for a couple of hours and even indicated to the nurse when you were ready to get back in bed.  It is very clear you know what you want or need; the frustration comes when communicating the want or need is difficult to the ones trying to figure it out.  That is okay; we will get it worked out.

            As the day progressed, you tired and the frustration intensified.  As evening came round you were exhausted and somewhat agitated.  Your nurse ended up giving you some Fentanyl to relax and calm you.  The goal for the staff with you is to not have to give you Fentanyl as it clouds your mind and they want you to work on clearing your mind. 

            I believe with each day you will become a little stronger in both body and mind building up your stamina.

            Everyone who visited today said to you how much better you looked.  A couple times you shook your head NO, but they knew better because they had watched you each day for the past 11 days. 

            Today was not just a Good day; it was a GREAT day!  I pray for you a restful and peaceful night with better clarity in the morning.  I LOVE YOU!

P.S. As I let this afternoon I learned over and kissed you on your cheek – you leaned over and kissed me too!!