8/5/2006 Saturday 13 Days Past Accident


            The nurse said you had a fairly restful night.  You needed to be suctioned a couple of times but that was all. 

            Today you are much more alert and calmer.  When I went into your room first thing today the nurses were giving you trach care.  They cleaned around your trach to make sure you do not get any skin breakdown, removed your stitches around the trach, changed your trach collar, then replaced the padding in your C-Collar (neck brace).  You cooperated very well and held perfectly still for them.

            Next the speech therapist came in and assessed your cognitive ability.  She provided you with a pen and paper, while she asked you specific questions, you wrote down the answers:

            Q: Where are we?

            A: Nashville


            Q: What building are we in?

            A: Hospital


            Q: What kind of hospital?

            A: Comprehensive


            Q: What year is it?

            A: 2007


            Q: What’s your B-day?

            A: 10/05/84


            Q: What month is it?

            A: June


            Q: How old are you?

            A: 21


            Q: What school do you attend?

            A: Martin Methodist


The therapist then talked to you about being able to speak once she can put a Pasiv Valve in the trach – you wanted to know when. 

            The next thing you asked about was when you could have your C-Collar off.  We asked if the physician could come and assess the possibility of removing it.  First the resident came in and said she didn’t think you were clear enough mentally yet, I said I thought you were, she then asked you – Caleb give me two fingers.  You lifted up your left hand and gave her two fingers.  She then said give me two fingers with your other hand.  You lifted up your right hand and gave her two fingers.  She then said well I think I will ask the attending to come check out his neck to get this removed (C-Collar) and you gave her a big thumbs up!

            You also had your mitts off and we released your wrist restraints while we were in the room with you.  I hope you don’t pull out or pull of any tubes or wires that will put you back in the mitts and wrist restraints.


8/5/2006 Day’s End Report


            Today truly was a day of rest for you.  After a very busy and productive morning, with the speech therapist, you were able to rest fully during the afternoon visitation.  Friends did not come until later close to the end of the afternoon hours.  This gave you much needed rest for your recovery

            During the evening visitation you were sleepy but responsive to visitors.  When Keaton was at your bedside he was telling you he got you an Xbox 360.  Your eyes got real big as you looked directly at Keaton.  Then he told you he was going to get you the Tiger Woods golf game.  You responded by putting your fist in the air, as to say “Alright!” 

            You asked about Christine, by writing Christine – coming – today.  We told you she would not be coming until Monday night, but that she had been with you most of the first week you were here and that she had to go back to Chattanooga to summer school and work.