8/7/2006 Monday – Day 15 Post Accident

            You had an uneventful night.  When we went back to see you, your nurse Ken was shaving you after giving you a bath.  Today’s plan for you:

You are pretty tired today – you have already been busy with your bath and neck X-rays.  Activity exhausts you.

Your white blood count is still going up from 15 – 16.8 the Trauma team is quite concerned about an infection.  You also have a low grade fever.  The Trauma Surgeon came to the waiting room to tell us your abdominal incision has opened up more and is now involving the faschia and some of the bowel is coming through so they are going to have to take you back to surgery to clean you out again and sew you back up.

Dr. Tressler has already called and stated he is going to cancel your ankle surgery tomorrow and will reschedule you for this Friday. This is a moderate set back but again nothing you can not overcome.

            You went into surgery at 5:10pm and were in surgery for an hour.  The surgeons said they did not find any pus or signs of true infection which was very good news.  The surgeon went ahead and debrided your facshia and irrigated the peritoneum; then sutured you back up.  The trauma team said they are going to keep you “sleepy” for the next couple days just so you won’t split a gut again.


8/7/2006 Monday’s Day’s End Report

            You were back in you room for the evening visitation hours but you were sedated.  Your friends remained true to form and went in to see you anyway.  They all care about you and love you very much.  You were on the ventilator for pressure support only.  All your vital signs were good HR 108 Resp. 20 Pulse Oxygenation 99-100% - couldn’t be any better!

            Another prayer was answered tonight as the team found no infection.

            My understanding from your nurse, Adam, was orthopedic service might come by and take down your splints to make sure there is no source of infection coming from your orthopedic wounds.  I will pray they find none.

            Continue to heal.  We love you.