8/8/2006 Tuesday 16 Days Post Accident

            7:30am Dr. Tressler called to discuss taking you to the OR today and take down your plaster splints to look at your wounds on your legs.  He and Dr Kregor want to assess them and make sure they are not the source of your infection.  Both of them preferred to take you to the OR to do this as the OR is a sterile environment as opposed to the Trauma unit which has many contaminants.  They also wanted to do this with you under anesthesia as they will be manipulating your legs somewhat and it would be painful to you if you were awake.

            You have a fever again, 102.  You seem to get them every time you have surgery.  Good news – your white blood count has come down 16.8 – 13.  The Trauma tem is keeping you in a “sleepy” state to keep your activity to a minimum.  They have released your leg restraints which you seem to enjoy.

            Your heart rate is around 120-130, most likely from your high fever.  Respirations are 20-24, and your pulse oxygenation is at 96-99%.  You are still being supported by the ventilator.  They have you on CPAP (pressure support).

            We still have not heard about the result of your neck X-Rays.  You still have your C-Collar on.  The Ortho-Spine physicians have to speak with the Trauma team to discuss the neck films.  They will then need to get another MRI to completely clear your neck if the neck X-Rays look good.

            You went down to the OR @ 5pm to have your lower legs examined under anesthesia.  Dr. Tressler called me @ 7pm to give me the Good News report!  Dr. Tressler said he could not have been more pleased with how your legs looked and your wounds were clean, dry, and healing nicely.  He said he was very pleased at how your legs/wounds looked.  He also said the reason it took a while was that Dr. Kregor wanted to see your legs and assess them himself.  “He has a vested interest” in the outcome of your legs, and Dr. Kregor was tied up in another surgery so they had to wait till he could break away to come see your legs.  Dr. Tressler said Dr. Kregor was also pleased with how your legs/wounds looked.  This is all fabulous news and definitely another answered prayer.


8/8/2006 Tuesday Day’s End Report

            Since you came back from the OR your night has been fairly restful.  The nurse tonight is Matt and he broke down the plan for the night:


You were arousable to your visitors.  Christine got two big thumbs up from you.  There was a time or two where you started to rise to leave but were easily coaxed back down.

            The day has been very positive and encouraging for your future surgery on your ankle.  I pray you have a peaceful and restful night.