8/10/06 Thursday Day 18 Post Accident

            You had an uneventful night, thank goodness!  You did get agitated at one point but medication settled you back down.

            You had no fever this morning.  You seemed somewhat rested.  The occupational therapist and the physical therapist came by to work with you.  You did very well.  You did exactly what they asked you to do with both your upper and lower extremities.

            Today’s plan for you is to rest.  PLEASE!  No new issues for a couple of days.  We would like at least two steps forward.


8/10/06 Thursday’s Days End Report

            There is not much to report, which is a good thing, you mainly slept most of the day.  You would barely open your eyes for anyone, let alone squeeze a hand.  The most activity you did was in the morning with occupational and physical therapy. 

            You had a hoard of friends come in tonight to see you. 

            Dad and I left early tonight to go home and go to bed.  After your heart issues yesterday, and not sleeping last night, we were both exhausted.  Christine and Deb stayed to close out the visiting hours with you.

            I am still overwhelmed by the faithfulness of your friends.

            The one true faithful friend that has been with you throughout your entire life is still with you today and will be with you forever is Lord God.  You will be forever loved. 

            Have a restful night as your body continues to heal.