8/11/06 Friday Day 19 Post Accident

The report today is you had a very good night.  You have nothing planned for today but another day of rest and healing.  The oral surgeon gave a report that your wound inside your mouth is starting to heal.

You are still coughing up “gunk” from your lungs but it seems to be getting less and less.

You are starting to ask great questions.  Today you asked when you were getting  your ankle done and when you were going to be “done”, specifically when you were going to leave the hospital.

You also were quite clear on your communication with your father as he told you he was taking pictures of you to share with family and friends you provided a very clear hand gesture to the camera on how you felt about the pictures being taken.

It is mid afternoon and you have been taken out of all your restraints, been out of them since 11 a.m., and have done very well.

The nurse has clamped your foley catheter – the tube going into your bladder – to see if you will tell the nurses to “pee” they will take your foley out.  You had your foley clamped for a couple of hours and you did not have sensation to “pee” so they unclamped your foley and will trial you again tomorrow.

Marsha and Caleb
Marsha and Caleb
Marsha and Caleb
Marsha and Caleb

8/11/06 Friday’s Day End Report

            This has been a remarkable day for you.  I would call this a break-through day. 

            You have been asking great questions via written communication.  You have asked – what the date is, - what day you are getting your ankle fixed, - when you were told the date of your surgery then the date for today you then asked if your surgery was in 4 days, - the answer was yes.

            The nurse was cleaning your abdominal incision and you asked if you could see it.  We got a mirror for you to look.  You were quite surprised at how it looked.  We told you the incision was not due to your accident but due to you pulling out your PEG tube.  I asked if you remembered anything about the accident – you didn’t.  I let you know you were the only one in your car and told you the two in the other car are okay.  You then asked me how the other car hit you – and I shared with you the mechanism of impact on the cars.

            You have been completely restraint free since 11 a.m.  today and have done fabulous. 

            Tonight the nurse placed you on a trach collar.  He also gave you the nurse call button which also changes the channels on the television.

            You played catch with Dad and me with your squish ball and Dad got it on video for your Website journal.

            Caleb today is the day the Lord hath made and we have all rejoiced in it!  You have made tremendous progress.  God has been very good and will continue to be ever faithful to you in this healing journey.  You are so very loved!  Mom