8/13/06 Sunday 21 Days Post Accident

            Today marks the 3rd week of being in the Trauma unit.  You are remembering pieces of information that has been given to you, or so you say.

            You had an uneventful night, I am very thankful for that.  You have already had your bath today, trach care, and morning medication.  You are sleepy, quiet, and seem comfortable.

            This is turning out to be a great day for rest.  You are getting some really good and needed sleep.  There have not been a lot of visitors this afternoon which has given you a break. 

            You have been able to stay wrist and leg restraint free today.  You are turning yourself over on your side for more comfort.  You are also using the remote control to change channels on your television.  In the early evening you were much more interactive with Staff, Christine, and me. 

            My greatest thrill was when I was getting ready to leave for dinner and you raised your arm and rolled over to hug me.  Oh what a wonderful feeling that was for me.  It brought tears of joy to my eyes.


8/13/06 Sunday’s Days End Report

            This was another good day for you.  The rest you are receiving has been much needed.  You seem to be getting more clarity and are remembering bits of previous conversations.  This is progress.  This evening you had a number of visitors of friends to which you had conversations with (written) or hand gestures.  Again more progress.

            You asked a number of times today when you were going home.  The answer to this question is not yet known.  You still have a procedure tomorrow (TEE) and your jaw needs to be re-wired.  I pray this happens tomorrow.  You then will have your ankle surgery on Tuesday.

            Even after your ankle surgery on Tuesday we may find out you will need to have additional surgery on your ankle/foot and we won’t know when as it will depend on a number of variables.  It is the variables we are unsure of at this time.  Then there is your abdominal incision that still needs to heal.  Once you are ready to leave the hospital you will go to a rehab hospital to build your strength and learn to maneuver with your casts on your legs.  Then once you have mastered In-patient Rehab you will be able to come home.  Once home you will continue with Out-patient Rehab.  Whew!  The mantra is: You are in a marathon, not a sprint!

            Right now for tomorrow I want you to get through the TEE; I pray the aorta looks fine with NO clot, leak, or tear and get your jaw wired.

            You have had a couple of good days.  I pray there are no more set backs only more forward.  I pray for God to continue to hold you in his arms as your healer and protector through your journey to completeness in Body and Mind.

            We love you son!