8/14/06 Monday 22 Days Post Accident

            Wow what a great day thus far.  You had a good night.  Your restraints were off all night and all your restraints are off today.

            Physical Therapy (PT) and Occupational Therapy (OT) were in to work with you.  You did absolutely fabulous.  PT had you working your lower & upper legs – you did each of the exercises (3 in all) 10x each leg.  OT had you working your arms (3 in all) 10x each.  You sat on the edge of the bed without difficulty and did some of the exercises.  They asked you to write what hospital you were in – you wrote Vanderbilt.  They asked you what month it was – you wrote July.  They then asked you what year it was – you wrote 2006!  This is all so awesome. 

            You kept writing if you were going to be able to leave today, tomorrow.  You are definitely itching to get out of here.  You need to use that as your motivator to healing.  We are not sure when you are to have your TEE today.  Hopefully it will be early so you can get your mouth rewired.


8/14/06 Monday’s Day End Report

            The remainder of the day you were calm, alert, and interactive (you actually played catch with me, using your squish ball, for about 5 min you threw to me and I threw to you and you caught the ball) that was awesome.  You were also throwing trash in the trash can (like basketball).  Your clarity is getting better each day – another answered prayer.

            You finally had your 2D ECHO done in your room around 3pm.  We didn’t find out the results, and really not the entire results, at 9pm.  That was after much persuasion on the Trauma Resident and a couple of phone calls to a friend in Cardiology.  What I do know is your pericardial effusion has decreased.  I don’t know by how much.  The Trauma Resident thinks you have a 75% chance you will be going to surgery tomorrow.  I do know you are on the OR schedule from 7:30 – 11:30am just for the ankle.  I do not know if you are also scheduled for the mouth re-wiring as well.  I do pray the physicians (Cardiologist, Ortho Surgeon, and Oral/Maxillary Surgeon) all talk to each other prior to going to the OR so we al know the plan.  It would be great to have you under general anesthesia once for the two surgeries if at all possible.

            My prayer for you tonight is, continued rest and healing of mind and body, but also for the physicians to coordinate a plan for tomorrows surgeries.  Sleep well, we love you!