8/18/06 Friday 26 Days Post Accident

            Oh there is not a more wonderful way to start my day than to walk into your room and have you greet me with a “Hi Mom”, a hug, and a kiss.  Thank you son!

            We know today you will be going back to OR to have your tibia and fibula realigned.  You will also have the wound vac dressing changed.

            You were definitely ready and excited to go back to the OR to get the leg right.  This surgery is to last only 2 ½ hours.  They started your case @1:30 p.m. and you were taken to recovery @3:50 p.m. You went back to your room @ 5:10 p.m.  You were awake, alert, and talking.  Your valve was already placed in your trach.  You were told you could have clear liquids tonight for your diet.

            You were asking questions about your car—so Dad and I showed you the pictures of your Jeep.  You asked when it happened so I told you July 23, gave you today’s date, and let you know you have been here almost 1 full month.

            Today is also the first day you have asked whether you will be able to play baseball.  No one can really answer that right now.  A lot of that answer will be left up to you and your rehabilitation.


8/18/06 Friday’s Day End Report

            The tube feedings have stopped for now.  Your diet consists of clear liquids.  The Trauma team is going to assess how well you do with a clear liquid diet.   You are doing well with a straw and the nurse has also provided you with a syringe that has a catheter tip to also use for liquids.  The coldness of the fluid bothers your teeth so you are waiting for the liquid drink to get to room temperature.

            For the night you will have your abdominal wound packed before going to bed and you specifically asked the nurse to do the wound packing first then give you your pain medication so you can sleep tonight.

            The next step for you will be transferring to rehabilitation.  I would think by Monday you would be transferring. 

            Sleep well tonight.  We love you.