8/21/06 Monday 29 Days Post Accident


            Well you didn’t transfer to rehab today, not so much because you were not ready but more because Stallworth didn’t have all of the information they needed to get you there.

            I was in your room when Dr. Tressler (Ortho Surgeon who did your ankle/heel) and Dr. Hagan (Vascular Surgeon who will do your skin flap on our foot) were discussing your left foot.  I was able to see your wound on the left bottom heel.  The wound was incredible.  It looked really well, as in no infection, good clean tissue for healing.  The wound is approximately 2 inched in diameter and approximately 1 ½  inches deep.  Dr Hagan thinks you need the wound vac for one more week and then maybe you will be ready for your skin flap on you heel.

            I watched as Dr. Tressler changed out the wound vac dressing then put dressings on your other incisions from the surgery on your ankle and heel.  He then placed a new metal splint on your foot up to the bend of your knee – “very fancy”.

            You truly amaze me with how much you have been through and your body is healing so nicely.  I thank God every day for the wonderous recovery you are going through.  The two of you work as a great team together.

            There are no BIG plans for today now that we know you are not transferring to Stallworth. You just focus on more rest and more healing!


8/21/06 Monday’s Day End Summary


            Dad and I went over to Stallworth tonight to take a look at the Rehab facility and an empty hospital room.  It is a very nice facility.

            We found out that each patient is scheduled through out the day starting from 8 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon 3-4 45minute sessions of rehab a day.  They sure will be keeping you busy!  I went back to the hospital around 6 p.m. to see you and tell you good night.  I was going to go home and sleep.  I have come down with either a cold or allergies and feel lousy.  Dad was coming back at 8:30 p.m. for the night visitations.

            I pray that we both get good rest for healing tonight and I will see you in the morning.  Tomorrow marks one full month you have been on the Trauma unit.  WOW!

Love you!