8/22/06 Tuesday 30 Days Post Accident


            Day 30 is a milestone for you.  Today is the day you will be moving to Stallworth Rehabilitation hospital.  It marks the next trek in this marathon.  I know you are ready to make this move and get started on building strength.

            The nurses on the Trauma unit have all been so wonderful to you and have truly worked hard and diligently to get you to this point.  Your father and I are forever greatful for their healing touch.

            All the physicians/surgeons have also been extremely vested in having the most positive and functional outcome for you.  We are forever thankful for their time and expertise with your healing.

            To date you have had 10 procedures and 11 surgeries with countless dressing changes and splint take downs.  With your jaw fractures and your lower extremity fractures you have literally been put back together unlike Humpty Dumpty all of the Kings horses and all the Kings men did put you back together again!

            From where you started to where you are today you have come a long way and we are ever so thankful and blessed to have you here.

            Thanks go to all the Trauma team, family, and friends.  Through stellar medical care, many thoughts and concerns, and most importantly CONSTANT Prayer we are done with this leg of the journey.

            Let the journey continue….


Thanks again Trauma Team for getting us this far.


8/22/06 Tuesday’s Day End Report


            You arrived at Stallworth around 4pm.  You are in a private room which is quite nice.  It is much quieter at Stallworth.  You are in room 2009. 

            When I made it to your room you were very happy with it.  I think you were glad to have a change of scenery and to not be hooked up to all the wires or have to listen to all the noise of the Trauma unit.

            There was a schedule on your over bed table with the next days activities.  It had the times for when breakfast, lunch, and dinner was served as well as your occupational, physical, and speech therapy was to be done.

            Visiting hours are from 11a – 8:30p and there is no age limit of who can visit.

Sleep well tonight.  We Love you.