8/24/06 Thursday (32) Day 2 of Rehab


            When I arrived at Stallworth today it was approximately 4pm.  You were “cruising” the hallway in your wheelchair with the physical therapist by your side.  This was your second time today with her.  The therapist stated you had stood in-between the parallel bars on your right leg for about 1 minute this morning.  That is a pretty good start, I would say.

            You said you had only done one session today with occupational therapy because you didn’t feel well for the second session.

            You were complaining of feeling nauseated most of the day and were still nauseated this evening.  You actually looked as if you didn’t feel well and were moving quite “sluggish”. 

            When I asked you if you had your abdominal wound dressing changed today.  You told me you did but that the nurse did it wrong.  When I asked Dr. Groomes about the dressing change order he said they use a different solution that what Trauma used.

             I also asked if you had gone to any Dr’s appointments today, you told me NO – when I asked the nurse about your appointments she said you did not have one today but were scheduled tomorrow with Dr. McKenna (oral/maxillary) at 3:30pm.  Hopefully you will be able to get your wires off of your jaw.

            Your mental tracking and memory of today’s activities were right on.  Each question I asked you answered with clarity and was verified with the staff.  Excellent!

            Another positive for today was, even though you did not feel well, you remained in your wheelchair for 5 ½ hours.  You moved from the wheelchair to the bed, using your right leg, with minima assistance.  Again, excellent progress in a day, I would say.

            You get bored between sessions but by the end of the day you are tired and ready to sleep.  You stated you slept good last night.

            My constant prayer for you is to have God sustain you in his arms and grant you strength, endurance, and continued healing.  We love you!  Mom