8/25/06 Friday (33) Day 3 of Rehab


            Today was an exciting day for you. You had your follow-up appointment with Dr. McKenna (oral/maxillary) to see if you would get your wires removed.  Dad and I met you at Dr. McKenna’s office.  You had been taken by van to the office from Stallworth.

            When we got to the office you were sitting in the waiting area in your wheelchair signing paperwork.  You told me you did not have a good night.  You said you vomited twice – most of it came through the wires but you had to swallow what remained (gross!).

            While at Dr. McKenna’s office you were given good oral hygiene and had your wires removed!  Another success – bands were put on and you were given instructions on how to exercise your jaw: at each meal, remove bands, brush teeth, then exercise jaw using the stack of tongue blades, finally apply new bands.

            When you returned to your room at Stallworth you had quite a few visitors.

            I was also able to watch the dressing change on your abdomen wound and the incisions on your left ankle.  All looked very good.

            There was some discussion about your trach and whether it was ready to be removed.  It sounds like maybe in a couple of days it could come out.  I know you are ready for that to happen.

            Your neck brace will be the last annoying item for you to have removed.  You have one more week you will wear it.  Before we left you had a temperature.  I pray that will leave you overnight.  Love you!  Mom.