8/26/06 Saturday (34) Day 4 of Rehab


            Gma and Gpa Short, Uncle Steve and Aunt Kathy, Dad and I arrived for visiting hours around 1pm and you were not in your room.  You were down in the “neuro gym” building what looked like plumbing pipe models.  You were actually involved with your occupational therapy.  The therapist would give you a picture of the model you were to build.  You then had to find the correct pieces and build the model.  We all went down to the “neuro gym” to watch you work.  You did a fantastic job – you built the models without any problem.

            We visited for a while – I showed your nurse how to put on your bands on your teeth correctly.  You were pretty tired from your therapy so we left – to return later for the evening visit.

            When we all returned (Keaton too!) we entered a full room of visitors.  You seemed much more alert with a little more energy.  You shared that you wanted to get a haircut on Wednesday.  You have not lost your WIT as you made a joke of Gpa Short and how much he pay for his haircuts!  Pretty cute, you got a lot of laughs out of it.

            I checked your teeth and the band placement.  The nurses had placed the bands correctly.  Those bands are pretty tricky and it does help by making it much easier if there is a second person helping to place them.

            We brought you some pudding and applesauce for you to eat.  We also brought you an “easy” crossword puzzle book to hopefully help pass the time.

            Gma and Gpa Short are leaving for Kansas tomorrow – they were so happy to spend time with you and talk with you.  Uncle Steve and Aunt Kathy are going back to Georgia tomorrow too.  It was good to have them all here.