8/27/06 Sunday (35) Day 5 of Rehab


            Today marks 5 weeks post your accident.  We took Caanan to see you today.  He did very will but was scared of the elevator.  I think you were disappointed by how Caanan responded to you.

            Caanan was very still and somewhat afraid – not so much of you but of your room – being in unfamiliar surroundings.  Dogs also are very sensitive to when someone is hurt.  I am not sure but he might have been confused by your c-collar and maybe your voice.  You sound a little different with the trach still in place.

            Dad and I were a little saddened when we left this afternoon as we both felt the visit from Caanan did not go as we had hoped.  Neither one of us wanted you to be disappointed but we felt you were hurt the he did not respond as you had hoped he would.

            During the evening visit Jonathan and Ashely Wage were there to see you.  Dad and I brought you a portable DVD player and some movie DVD’s to watch.  I think you liked it but were getting tired for the night.

            You are slowly decreasing your pain medication use which is good.  Your ankle is really the only area you complain of pain on your body.

            Today at speech therapy you said you worked on word math problems.  You did not have occupational or physical therapy scheduled today.

            Tomorrow will be a full day of all the therapies.  Maybe you will also hear some good news about your trach.

            Have a good night sleep.  We love you!