8/28/06 Monday (36) Day 6 of Rehab


            You were very busy today.  It was very clear you had a work-out.  In the morning therapies OT and PT were very good for you.  OT you worked with bands but it was the PT that I was most impressed with.  In PT you walked on your right leg the full length of the parallel bars three times – OUTSTANDING! Speech therapy you worked on word paragraphs.

              In the afternoon therapies for OT I watched you do weights with the pulley.  You did three different sets of 15# each arm.  Then you worked with the bands.  For PT you walked around the nurse station with a walker.

            When I returned to your room in the late afternoon you were eating supper.  I was surprised but very happy to see you were eating spaghetti, broccoli/cheese puree, and chocolate pudding (no more soup).  You definitely worked up an appetite.

            I believe you were pretty pleased with how the day went and you should be you did a great job!

            I think you will sleep well tonight.  We love you!