8/29/06 Tuesday (37) Day 7 of Rehab


            Hurray! Another success – you had your trach removed today!  They pulled out your trach early today and you have had no problems with it being out.  You do not have to but you know to put your finger over the bandage on your neck to talk clearer.

            OT today you worked with free weights – approximately 3# each.  For PT you again walked with the walker approximately 60ft.  Speech therapy she asked you about certain phrases like “the grass is always greener on the other side” to see what you said about their meaning.  She also would ask you ethical questions to see if you knew right from wrong.

            Tuesdays are the days your whole team gets together (Dr. Groomes, RN, OT, PT, speech, RT, and the Case Manager) to discuss your case and your progress.  During the discussion it was decided that you may be ready for discharge home as soon as Thursday September 7th.  They have been very impressed with your progress.  Your wounds are healing nicely and you are progressing well with all of your therapies.

            Dad and I are equally as impressed, but never doubted that once you were ready for rehab and you knew what you needed to do to get back to an independent function you would get to it!  And boy, have you – We are so very proud of you.

            Tomorrow is going to be a bid day not just because of therapies but because you are going to have your follow up appointment with Dr. Tressler to look at your left ankle.  I am quite sure you will have xrays done and look at the wound on your heel.

            I pray tonight that we will hear encouraging words of forward progress with healing on your left foot.