8/30/06 Wednesday (38) Day 8 of Rehab


            Today was somewhat frustrating for me.  You were supposed to have your clinic appointment with Dr. Tressler today.  When I went over to the clinic to meet you there, you were not there.  When I called Stallworth to check on you they told me your appointment had been rescheduled for next week.  That was the frustrating part – No one informed me of the change.

            You on the other hand had another very productive day.  You had your sutures removed from your left foot, which allowed you to take a shower.  This was your first shower since your accident.  Even though you had to sit on an “uncomfortable” chair your still enjoyed the shower.       

            Today for OT you were in an “extremity group”.  You stated this group worked with free weights and you did about 15 exercises – 20 reps each.  That is pretty aggressive therapy.  For PT you walked with a walker 60ft in the morning and in the afternoon you did leg exercises.  The afternoon OT therapy you worked with screwing in screws.  Speech was more of the right or wrong questions.

            To top the day off you had quite a few visitors to keep you busy.  Dad was with you for most of the late afternoon and by the time I came your day was almost over and you were tired.

            You are working so hard and making such great progress.