9/01/06 Friday (40) Day 10 of Rehab


            The rehab continues and you are making such tremendous progress.  The therapist was telling Dad they still believe you will be going home next Thursday, September 7th.  The PT therapist brought in a walker for your use at home.  You went up stairs with your walker today.  We were told you will need to have a second hand banister built on the garage stairs so you can get into the house and we will need to get a toilet commode to place over our bathroom toilet that has handles in order for you to get up and down.

            Your second clinic follow-up appointment with Dr. McKenna was today.  He was very pleased with the healing in your mouth as well as your recovery.  You were given a second rehab device to assist you with the exercising of your jaw.  He said you could lose the rubber band on the front.  So now you only have the two bands, one for each side of your jaw.  He said he wants you to start taking off and placing your own bands.

            Your next appointment with Dr. McKenna is in two weeks by then he thinks you will not need to have your bands and we will discuss when he will remove your arch bars off your teeth.  He also said you can start chewing food (NOT HARD FOOD).  He stressed the need for aggressive rehab for your jaw so the joint won’t get stiff.

            While we were waiting for you to see the Doctor you told me you thought your mind was back to where it was before the accident.  AMAZING-truly AMAZING!  We also saw one of the patients and his family in the waiting room that had been in the Trauma unit at the same time you were there.  It was the “Newman” family – Tattoo lady!  He looked great!  Another testament to answered prayer, GOD is Good!